My fun week with Brooke

I had a very fun week with one of my best friend named Brooke /aka/ Brooker.

On Monday we stayed at her house and played ball and went swimming. Also the same happened on Tuesday.

When Wednesday came we finally got out of the house and went to Soak City a fun water park.

IMG_0655On Thursday my dad took his day off of work so Brooke came over to play her fav video game and we went to a race car place called K1 speed and we raced each other in real race cars! Also that day we went to a concert at Tri City park and after we went to Chillies for a nice dinner with Brooke’s parents.

Finally the last day of the week came and i went back to Brooke’s house and it was a pretty day out BUT also it was SO HOT but still we went to the park to play a little bit of softball.


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