First Fall Ball Team Practice

I recently had my first fall ball team practice!

It was super fun to meet the team!

We did lots of fun games like races,pickle, and last girl standing

And i also met some new friends even if i didn’t get Brooke on my team.

My team practice was awesome and I’m am super excited to start FALL BALL!!!

Sorry didn’t take any pictures :[

Amazing and fun week with Drea!

I had an amazing and fun week with my cousin Drea!

On Monday we went to the mall to go on a shopping spree for Drea and I and had a delicious dinner the my aunt made.

Next on Tuesday we went to Knotts berry farm and rode fun rides and have ice cream!

On Wednesday we stayed home and went swimming and played games at the house

On Thursday we went to go have lunch at my dads work and explore it. After that we went rollerskating at holiday state center! We had a blast!

Last but not least Friday came the last day. I don’t now why but we went back to the mall to buy more stuff because we didn’t get a chance to get everything but still had lots off fun! My week was awesome and i hope your’s was to!!!

Sorry, but i have i can’t find any pics of me and Drea right now but if i find some i will edit this post and put them here. :[

Awesome Dodger baseball game

On Sunday i went to the most fun baseball game ever!

Right when we got in we went to get hats and mine was pink with a sparkley LA and a heart. Brooke’s was blue with a white LA and on the cap was the American Flag.

Also i went with my best friend Brooke /aka/ Brooker me and Brooke had Dodger dogs and they were delicious and they were the biggest hot dog i have ever had!

 After we watched the game a little bit we got soft serve ICE CREAM my FAVORITE!!!

At the final stretch of the exta innings Dodgers had scored the final run!!!!!  YEAH! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!! :]                 


My fun week with Brooke

I had a very fun week with one of my best friend named Brooke /aka/ Brooker.

On Monday we stayed at her house and played ball and went swimming. Also the same happened on Tuesday.

When Wednesday came we finally got out of the house and went to Soak City a fun water park.

IMG_0655On Thursday my dad took his day off of work so Brooke came over to play her fav video game and we went to a race car place called K1 speed and we raced each other in real race cars! Also that day we went to a concert at Tri City park and after we went to Chillies for a nice dinner with Brooke’s parents.

Finally the last day of the week came and i went back to Brooke’s house and it was a pretty day out BUT also it was SO HOT but still we went to the park to play a little bit of softball.